1. Best Fish and Seafood Restaurants in Tel Aviv

    March 24, 2014 by Alissa

    There is so many fish and seafood restaurants in Tel Aviv like fish in the sea ;). Generally, I must admit that the overall level of the fish restaurants is astonishing. Pretty much everywhere you’ll go you will have an awesome experience, however I will share my favorites and explain why:

    1) Barbunia Bar

    barbuniaThe Barbunia bar I love because you sit at a bar with music, smoking and drinks – on top of that you can enjoy awesome fish and seafood of the same preparation method as the Barbunia restaurant across the street. You’ll get served a nice selection of salads followed by a main dish. The salads are included in the price of the main dish. This was the place I first started loving calamari. Here the card turned for me and I understood what I was missing out on my entire life :). (calamri ~66 NIS). Awesome atmosphere, cute and cozy. You’ll find it on Ben Yehuda/Jabotinsky. Ben Yehuda 163, here is their site.


    2) Shtsupak 

    It’s very common to serve a big variety of salads as starters in the fish restaurants with are included in the price of the main dish. The best salads up front are in my opinion in Stshupak – by far. The Ikra (fish eggs with Mayo) is the best in town. They also have amazing sweetish maties with onions. I tried a lot of different main dishes and everything was always great. The special highlight I remember was when they prepared crabs for me in their Provencial sauce (it’s not on the menu, however they do it if you ask). I loved it (~99 NIS). Their Dennis on the grill is also pretty memorable (~98NIS). You’ll find Shupak on Ben Yehuda 256 and here is the website.


    3) Manta Ray

    This place simply buys you with its location. It’s located at the beach, in the sand, 4 meters away from the water…. Having lunch here on a beautiful sunny day is incredible. The food is good but a little pricier (100NIS+) than most of the places discussed in this post. I wrote in the past a review about Manta Ray. The big mixed plates with different seafood and fish combinations are the star of this restaurant. The little salads (19 NIS each) are also tasty and fresh.

    4) Goocha

    It’s always good to go to Goocha. It will be always full, it will be always good and you’ll always have fun. This seafood and fish restaurant is located on Ben Gurion/Dizengoff on a very nice corner of this city. The dishes in Goocha are not very complicated, it’s simple good food; awesome sauces with the seafood. They have also interesting dishes such as seafood risotto, different seafood pastas and as well as Asian seafood/fish dishes. The prices are very fair (between ~60NIS – 100 NIS/ main course), however the portions are not huge. Link to website.



    5) The Old Man and the Sea

    This place has two branches one in deep Ajami and the other one in the Yaffo port. I like it also for the big variety of salads in the beginning; and a nice choice of different fresh fish. It’s in my opinion by far the best option, which you can find in the Yaffo port. Yona was a pretty disappointing experience, as well as the container and the third one (don’t remember the name) are sharks. The prices are fair (~ 95 NIS) and the portions are huge. They also have a good selection of meat dishes. Go to their website.

    As you may imagine; there are more great places, however I cannot feature all of them here. These are my favorites. I still would like to mention Mul Yam, which is of course an extraordinary seafood and fish restaurant. I must also say that I had a way better experience the second time I have been there (after I wrote this rather unimpressed review). Many of my friends love also Beny HaDayag in the Tel Aviv Port. I heard awesome things about it; just keep in mind it’s a little pricier than the average fish restaurant (~120 NIS/portion).

  2. Best Breakfast in Tel Aviv

    March 12, 2014 by Alissa

    I love breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day. There is nothing more fun than to sit on the sunny weekend having breakfast, watching the people pass and sip your white wine… (yes, at breakfast! this is how it’s done) Tel Aviv is pretty much the perfect place for this scenario.

    In this post I will tell you about my favorite breakfast places:

    1) Cafe Xoho 

    Cafe Xoho is an american cafe located on the intersection of Ben Yehuda and Mapu. They have amazing bagels, fantastic beer bread breakfasts and all sorts of phenomenal american stuff; such as breakfast burritos and all sorts of different sandwiches. The place is tiny, has very nice vibes and great service. They are very reasonable priced. Simply love this place. Check out their awesome Wix site.

    cafe xoho1


    2) Shakshukia

    Simply the best Shakshuka in town. No dispute about it. Tiny yellow place on Ben Yehuda serves different kinds of Shakshuka; with mushrooms, sausages, eggplant or hummus. The prices range between 28 NIS and 37 NIS for the shakshukas with meat. ere you can check out a more detailed post about Shakshukia.

    3) Eden House

    WOW – this boutique hotel in kerem Hatemanim is the mommy of breakfasts. Here I had by far the best eggs benedict of my life (bacon/salmon). Besides the fact that it’s incredible cheesy-classy, I just did not believe it when I took the first bite. I felt I arrived. Everything was perfect about it. They offer 11 different breakfasts and I am sure you will find one where you will know you’ve arrived. Here you find the hotel website.

    eden cafe

    4) Rotshild 12

    By day and by night – Rotshild 12 is one of my favorite places in town. They serve a special brunch menu on the weekends to very affordable prices. I always order the croque madame (a toast with cheese and ham topped with sunny side up eggs) – 36 NIS. The eggs benedict are also very popular serves either with bacon or with salmon (38 NIS). There is also a happy hour during brunch time where you can order all sorts of brunch drinks; such as bloody mary (26 NIS), campari orange (20 NIS), kir royal (20 NIS), metaxa ice tea (20 NIS). Click here to check them out.

    5) Brasserie 

    brasserieFrom the entire Coffee Bar/Delicatessen/Brasserie – group I choose definitely Brasserie on Kikar Rabin for breakfast. They have a decent croque madame and good eggs benedict. Furthermore, every breakfast includes a cocktail. I like places, which encourage people drinking from noon. It’s likable. I also like Brasserie from the inside very much. Check out their website.


    Of course, you have also all the classic places such as Benedikt which is in my opinion WAY overpriced (and I feel ridiculous to wait in line for an hour). Another place I got recommended by many people was Hotel Montefiori which I simply need to get there at a certain point. Heard AWESOME things about it. The problem is here that they  serve breakfast only till 12, meaning I never make it on time. :) This weekend I plan to visit the Rafael, which also supposingly serves impressive breakfasts (and everything else actually). I will update the list once I’ll find out.

  3. La Gaterie – The Croissant Jewel of Tel Aviv

    March 12, 2014 by Alissa

    croissantYesterday night we had one of those orgasmic munches at the “La Gaterie”. This tiny tiny place on Ben Yehuda close to Arlozorov corner serves exclusively croissants with different fillings. When I discovered the place the worker I always saw recommended me the “King of their Croissants”: Italian Salami, Gouda, poached egg and truffle paste (39 NIS). When you bite into this perfectness you can’t believe that those kind of things actually exist and you can eat them! So I could never order something else after that or let anyone else order something else :). They also tend to catch you in your week moment after some bar and crawling for something yummy.

    Not all croissants are so pricey – this is pretty much the most expensive one (but the best one in my opinion). However, they have all sorts of different options starting with 20 NIS – salty and sweet. La Gaterie has two branches in Tel Aviv. The branch on Ben Yehuda 184 is open from 8 pm – 4 am targeting the strollers of the night. The branch on King George 97 seems to be open also during the day. from 8 am – 2 pm. It’s door to door with the new stylish bar Zou Bisou which has awesome cocktails.

    Here you can see their facebook site.

  4. Meet the best Shakshuka in Tel Aviv – Shakshukia

    March 7, 2014 by Alissa

    shakshukiaLadies and Gentleman make room for the best Shakshuka in town. Little explenation: Shakshuka is an originally Moroccan spicy egg in tomato sauce dish. The raw eggs are put into boiling tomato sauce till they are done. It’s a widely common dish on Israeli restaurant/cafe menus.

    Before I found this place I did not even like Shakshuka so much. My roommate introduced me to this Shakshuka heaven. Shakshukia (as the name suggests) serves only Shakshuka: Claccis (29 NIS), with mushrooms or eggplant (33 NIS), with hummus (35 NIS) or with different sausages (37 NIS+). Other than that you can pick the level of spiciness from 1 (low) to 5 (super super super spicy). I love spicy and I normally go with 4. At last you choose the softness of the eggs (soft/medium/hard). I really like it oozy with mushrooms….

    Everything is done with heart about this place; the pickles are awesome the halla (bread you eat on shabbat) is a dream and the service is very friendly. I find myself ending up in this place almost every Friday morning. Dr. Shaksuka does not play in the same Shakshuka league – overrated.

    You can find it on Ben Yehuda 94, it’s between Gordon and Frishman tiny yellow Shakshuka oasis.



  5. Cordelia Voucher for 134 NIS per Person

    March 6, 2014 by Alissa

    cordelia tel avivOne of the most romantic restaurants in Tel Aviv “Cordelia” offers a voucher through Baligam. The very fine place located in the picturesque Nahalat Binyamin area in a very beautiful colonial building serves a three course menu including a starter, a entree and a desert. Other than that the coupon includes bread and a digestif.

    Considering the level of their food and the amount the price is more than fair. However, the catch about those coupons is always that you have probably never ordered so much if you would have come regularly. So if you plan to impress somebody or if you are simply veeeryyyy hungry it’s a pretty cool deal since the worth of this meal is 298 NIS.

    You would also need to choose from the choices they give you. So check it out if it hits your spot. I got to say it does hit mine. For a coupon the choice is pretty nice. Check it out here. I will consider buying later on today……


  6. Subscribe to my Feed!!!

    March 4, 2014 by Alissa


    I want to direct your attention to the brand new option to subscribe to my feed. After dozens of requests from friends and (only) two days of work on this ridiculous widget, you finally have the option to subscribe in the right sidebar. You will receive a verification email you need to confirm and you are good to get updates from my feed.

    You will only receive updates from the latest blog posts – meaning no updates about reviews I am adding into the navigational menu on top. However, I will publish once in a while a blog post updating about the new reviews I wrote.

    Since my blog passed the 2500 readers/month barrier yesterday I told myself I need to add some “sophisticated” widgets in order to fulfill the expectations. :)

    So please – subscribe! And yes, I can see your emails….

  7. Restaurants from inside – Open restaurants in Tel Aviv

    February 26, 2014 by Alissa

    Today in Tel Aviv an amazing initiative starts: Like the Houses from inside now we also have restaurants from inside. You can book workshops together with the chef of restaurants and learn to cook their amazing dishes. My favorite restaurants and bars are participating in this project; such as Messa, Rotshild 12, Orna and Ella, Tony Vespa and many more.

    open restaurants


    Unfortunately, the best ones are already sold out. They were sold out within minutes. There are still some left. Check it out maybe there is something for your taste.

  8. Vietnamese “La Ca Phe” in the Heart of Tel Aviv

    February 25, 2014 by Alissa

    LE-CA-PHEToday I tried out a new place on the intersection of Ben Gurion Street and Dizengoff. It’s the place in the middle of Ben Gurion opposite of the tasty juices. It’s an interesting concept of an French/Vietnamese Bistro/Cafe.

    They offer tasty toasts with all sorts of unusual fillings, such as chicken curry and many cool vegetarian options AND Vietnamese soups like Pho and Vietname sandwiches called Banh-mi. Since the French colonization it’s part of the Vietnamese culture to eat baguette called Banh – Mi. Here they offer it with either ham or tofu.

    They have also pretty good summer rolls (rice dough filled with tofu/eel/chicken), which they however call for some weird reason spring roll. The difference is that spring rolls are deep fried and summer rolls are eaten raw (the dough they use is different also).

    One of best things about this place is that you can spent sitting there hours and just watch the people (and their dogs) passing by under those big beautiful trees of Ben Gurion Street. Perfect spot for a Friday afternoon.

    All the sandwiches vary between 20 NIS – 32 NIS. The soup was 32 NIS and the summer (!!!) rolls were 9 NIS each. Prices are pretty much in the Tel Aviv average range.

    The people working there were pretty nice except of the (seemingly) manager who behaved a little awkward – almost a bit rude. It’s exact address is Dizengoff street 174 and here you can find it’s info on mouse. When I asked them they told me the name of the place is “Le Cafe” –> spelled La Ca Phe though! :) Overall – worth a visit!

  9. Night Kitchen on Sundays

    February 10, 2014 by Alissa

    gnocchiHello back, after a very long time. I decided to revive the blog and today I will write about Night Kitchen.

    Before I decided to go I read amazing things about this place and was all eager to try it out. So when my colleague Doreen (and hopefully the next co-blogger of telavivfood.co.il) told me that they offer wine for 5 NIS on Sundays – I was blown away. The next Sunday to come was ours!

    We ordered 5 different main dishes, of which you see 3 pictures attached. We started with the homemade Gnocchi with cherry tomatoes, oyster mushrooms and asparagus and Shrimps on toasted crustini with spinach. Both dishes did not convince me at all. The Gnocchi were good but a little bit boring I must admit.


    Then we continued with the Sloppy Joe and the Putin Steak. The Sloppy Joe was a good Sloppy Joe :). As good as it gets, although I don’t consider myself no Sloppy-Joe-Specialist. The Putin Steak was pretty awesome. They used butchers cut on french fries and mozzarella. Simple but great meat. At the end we decided to try also the calamari on Yogurt. This was the best dish of all. It was simply amazing.


    We also had desert: Panna Cotta on a stick. It was extraordinary and some lame desert with cream and strawberries.

    The food was not cheap – but simple and tasty. Now combine the entire thing with 5 NIS wine for wine from the Binyamina winery (meaning no shitty wine) – then the experience was pretty much worth every agora :)

    They are located on Lilliblum 43 and check out their amazing Wix website :)


  10. Beware of the Container!

    December 30, 2012 by Alissa

    container restaurant tel avivI don’t really write a lot of negative reviews, I mostly prefer just not to write about them but in this case I cannot be quite. This is why I do it in form of a post.

    We organized a girls night in the Container in the Port Yaffo. There was supposed to be a concert and some good fish – what can go wrong?! Everything!

    We ordered four dishes and all of them were horrible. I choose my wording wisely. We ordered sardines in breadcrumbs (48 NIS), which tasted like fish sticks for children; breaded octopus, which was breaded so much that it was not possible to identify what was inside the breadcrumbs (82 NIS). As a main dish we decided to go for the mullet filet on homemade pasta – I thought this is a safe choice. I was proved wrong. It was uneatable. The fish stank, I almost though it was not fresh. The pasta was pale and boring. We exchanged the dish to a dish, which was recommended to us by the waitress as their “star dish” – What do you think? Maybe a falling star. It was black homemade pasta with shrimps and tomato sauce. The shrimps and the pasta were actually all right – but the sauce! The sauce was terrible and spoilt the whole dish.

    I was a little shocked to be honest. They did not manage to serve even ONE dish, which was not a complete waste of money. The disappointment was big. I don’t know what happened to them, I heard many good things. Maybe the amazing location spoilt them, or we were simply unlucky…

    Tel: 03-683-6321
    Yaffo Port
    Click Here to visit the website